3 in 1 multifunctional potty


Traveling without worries with the Okbaby folding and multifunctional potty


Hygienic and easy to clean

Thanks to its folding legs , the collapsible receptacle and its small footprint, Roady takes up very little space in bags and suitcases.

Roady evolves with the growth of the baby and can be quickly modified from potty to toilet reducer in two easy movements.

Thanks to its removable receptacle, Roady is easy to clean for great hygiene.

Folded potty dimensions: cm 24,5 x 8 x 24,5
Toilet reducer dimensions: cm 37 x 7 x 24,5
Potty dimensions: cm 24,5 x 13,5 x 24,5

Always ready for any eventuality

Roady is always ready for any “emergency”: the refills provided allow the potty to be used outside of the house.

The disposable refills contain special absorbent microgranules which are able to absorb 300 ml of liquid!

The anti-slip rubber grips guarantee excellent stability in both potty and reducer mode.
The potty comes with 3 refills. The refills can be purchased separately and are available in two sizes : 10 or 30 refills

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