Because we care

OKBABY, in conjunction with skin care experts, created a new baby care line, that is not only natural but is also formulated using an exclusive ingredient with properties that are a vital building block for the body and proven to be extremely beneficial in skin care.

Exclusive ingredient: Fucose

Fucose is one of the eight essential sugars, which our organism needs to function properly. It is a rare, natural sugar and must by no means be mistaken for fructose, the common fruit sugar.

Fucose is found in breast milk and is considered a unique and fundamental food source for the proper growth and development of baby. For the maintenance of healthy skin, Fucose plays a vital part.

Dermatological studies have shown that Fucose properties are extremely beneficial for the skin:

Skin Barrier: In combination with proteins and lipids it creates the glyco-conjugates, which cover the surface of every human cell

Skin Regenerations: It stimulates the skin-regeneration process

Hydration: Ensures the maintenance of hydration and skin elasticity

Other Key Benefits: Natural, Non GMO, High Purity

All our products are free of: